A smarter way to coordinate polling places in the Tar Heel State

Close-up of old-fashioned dial telephone

Wake County, North Carolina has 202 polling places, and staffing them requires more than 2,000 Precinct Officials. In the lead up to Election Day, coordinating all of these people and places is a major challenge for Angel Perkins, who works as Recruitment Coordinator for the Wake County Board of Elections.

Recently, to tackle this challenge, Angel and the rest of her Operations/Staffing Team have been using Call-Em-All, the bulk texting and voice messaging platform behind the Text Messaging Tool.

“Before using Call-Em All,” Angel says, “it took a lot of hours to stay in constant contact with our officials. It consisted of team members making one-on-one contact by phone. And we would also do mass mailings, which would consume a lot of time.”

To make things better, Angel and her colleagues searched for a tool that would add speed and efficiency to their communication efforts. They found Call-Em-All and quickly decided that it was the fast, reliable solution they were looking for.

Call-Em-All functions, basically, as a web-based control panel for sending recorded voice messages or texts to a lot of people at once.

“The process for using it is simple,” Angel observes. “You create your contact list, record a voice or text message, and send it out at your preferred scheduled time.”

Targeting their Precinct Officials, the Board of Elections uses Call-Em-All to send out their precinct assignment notifications, as well as reminders about trainings and important dates and alerts about inclement weather.

In addition, they use it to collect information about their 202 polling places. “We send test calls to polling place facilities,” Angel describes, “to ensure modem lines in the precincts are working and to determine what lines need to be repaired.”

Both of these tasks are major coordination efforts that, in Wake County, now take much less time than they used to.

Beyond just the time savings, Angel likes how Call-Em-All provides comprehensive delivery reports with every bulk message broadcast. This means that, unlike email, regular phone calls, or mailers, you get greater reassurance that your message reached the people you wanted to reach.

Ultimately, it didn’t take long for Call-Em-All to become an important tool for the Wake County Board of Elections to help gear up for Election Day.

“I would say Call-Em-All is very user friendly and is a great way to reach thousands of your officials,” she says, adding, “Call-Em-All will always be a part of our process to effectively communicate with our volunteers and facilities.”

Do you need a more efficient tool for reaching out to staff or preparing your polling places? Or maybe you’ve been looking for an efficient way to send bulk messages to voters? Our Text Messaging Tool has the power and versatility to tackle these jobs and others, too.